Christmas Carol

Thursday, 6th December saw students from all Schools perform their wonderful Christmas Concert presentations in front of a packed audience. This year’s theme is ‘Christmas with Love’.

Christmas Carol 2018

School Elections

Administering school elections for Start-Rite Student Council gives Start-Rite Schools another opportunity to educate the students about democracy and the importance of voting.


Colourama event was indeed colourful. For little children, understanding colours is an essential building block for learning. Early Years pupils of Start-Rite Schools had during the term, observed colour days. Colourama event was geared towards evaluating how much the children new about the colours they had learnt in the course of term. They were also opportuned to showcase some of the art work they had done. Parents present were excited at how much the pupils had grown, especially as they talked about their colours during the colour parade.

Colourama 2018

Instructive Lunch at Sheraton

The students had an instructive lunch at Sheraton Hotel, Abuja. In a special atmosphere of the exclusive Papillon Restaurant, the students learned the art of fine dining. The activity was geared towards giving the students an opportunity to apply dining etiquette and develop excellent table manners and social skills.

United Nations Day

The United Nations Day marks the anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. This year’s United Nations Celebrations was tagged SDGs Action. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are made up of 17 goals adopted by world leaders to be achieved by 2030 aimed at ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring prosperity for all.