Corporate Social Responsibility

Developing a Sense of Service

We all want to raise respectful, kind children who are willing to help those in need. Children gradually develop their ability to show empathy, compassion, and social awareness. You can instill the idea of helping others and doing charity work in children from a very young age. 

We take pride in raising children who have a sense of service to others. Children learn that a little help can go a long way, whether you are talking about donating money or volunteering time. They learn that if we all do our part, even in a small way, it can make a huge impact.

Community Service

Community Service can have a lot of positive effects on children, such as helping them to develop skills, making contacts and allowing them to improve the quality of life for others. 




Charity is incredibly important, it teaches compassion and empathy. Charity makes children more aware of the world and  teaches them to care for those less fortunate than themselves, and that knowledge and understanding stays with the children their whole life.



Despite their age, children can have a powerful impact in the community, if only we encourage them to do so. Volunteering teaches children valuable life skills, such as working with others and following directions which create positive life behaviours.