Leadership Programme

Leadership and Life Skills

Before young people or adults can imbibe leadership skills and roles in the community, they should have some foundational skills to arm them with more control over their own growth, development and lives.

Some of these skills are learned in academic classrooms, and some, outside the classrooms. Young people need to learn how to present themselves at all times, be it in a class presentation, interviews, how to conduct themselves when at school, home, external environment, and how to be team members and work well with others through collaboration and compromise, among many other essential life skills.

Leadership skills and life skills scheme give the students a chance to develop these skills and prepare them not only for better employment opportunities but also for more substantial and influential ways to be leaders.

For young people, assuming leadership roles and working to better the community are important parts of developing fully into adulthood. These critical skill sets are reinforced by succeeding in school, having solid parental support and positive mentors, valuing good self-esteem, and contributing service to others.