History/Founder’s Day

Our History

Start-Rite Schools is a shared dream, a shared ideal driven by the unusual passion and vision for excellence of an uncommon visionary who is now a legend and of the ages, Mrs. Amaka Ndoma-Egba. Founded out of a burning desire to better the nation through improved educational standards, Start-Rite Schools began operations in January, 2008.

From an idea to an iconic institution comparable with the best in the world, Start-Rite Schools is now a globally competitive learning environment where innovative ways of facilitating learning are explored and emphasis is laid on character building. The curriculum is designed to ensure students are well-rounded and guided on the path to academic, social, and moral excellence.

29/05/1966 - 19/11/2020

Mrs. Amaka Ndoma-Egba

Mrs. Amaka Ndoma-Egba was passionate about children and thus created a learning environment where they would be loved, cared for, respected and guided on the path to excellence in character and learning.

Because she believed that: “all children had the potential to succeed, Mrs. Amaka concluded that what matters is not just the curriculum, but also creating an atmosphere of inspiration for creativity and innovation, exposing children to unique learning experiences that spark their curiosity for exploration and discoveries so that they can create something unique as a solution to real problems.”

She set the pace, and would be remembered for so many things including showing us how to carry ourselves with dignity and grace. We remain inspired by her strength of character, compassion, commitment to living Start-Rite’s Core Values and her sense of service to humanity.

Perhaps this commitment was what inspired her to say that “people will come and go but Start-Rite’s Vision will remain. The timeless values we inculcate in our children, and how intentional we are about guiding them on the path to excellence in character and learning, provide for them a secure future in which they will take charge, be productive and thrive.”

To us at Start-Rite Schools, Mrs. Amaka lives. Her vision remains alive and vibrant.

Amaka Ndoma-Egba
Mrs Amaka Ndoma-Egba

Founder's Day

Start-Rite Schools was founded to:

  • Make a difference in the educational landscape in Nigeria.
  • Build a brand with worldwide recognition
  • Build a foundation of future success through academic excellence
  • Teach values and have well-behaved children, who ultimately will direct the course of Nigeria and the world in time to come
  • Create opportunities for excellent individuals
  • Improve the lot of young people and prove that teaching is not for dullards and poor people
  • Raise true leaders
  • Give back to society
  • Express her passion for children and fulfill her calling, her promise to the Most High God.

When we celebrate Founder’s Day, it affords us the opportunity to celebrate the legacy of our Founder, the phenomenal Mrs. Amaka Lauretta Ndoma-Egba. It is a celebration of the rich history of excellence and achievement which echoes deep within the veins of Start-Rite Schools.

The Founder’s Day becomes the tradition that cements relationships between students (former and current), parents (former and current) as well as friends and partners. Founder’s Day is that avenue that ensures the relationship is continuing and unending.

It will be an annual event and everyone will know, wherever they are in the world, that they can raise a glass and remember their connection to Mrs. Amaka Lauretta Ndoma-Egba and Start-Rite Schools.