Early Years

Development Matters in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Children are welcome into a safe, stimulating, and, nurturing environment where attention is paid to their social, physical, and cognitive development.  In the Early Years, play underpins all development and learning for young children; hence our focus is on providing opportunities for sensory exploration, outdoor play, and creative arts, as we believe that children learn best when they are engaged in hands-on experiences. This is in addition to the emphasis on literacy and numeracy, which provides a strong foundation for future learning.

At Start-Rite Schools, we value the importance of observation and assessment in understanding each child’s individual strengths and needs. We use a variety of assessment tools to monitor children’s progress and inform our teaching practices. Our teachers are skilled in using observation and assessment to plan for individualized learning experiences and to support children’s growth and development.

We also believe in the importance of strong teacher-child interactions and building positive relationships with families. Our teachers are passionate about creating warm and welcoming classrooms where children feel safe, valued, and respected. We encourage parent involvement in their child’s learning journey and believe that strong partnerships between home and school are key to supporting children’s success.

With regard to promoting inclusion and diversity, we are mindful of the need to promote it in all aspects of our programme. We celebrate the uniqueness of each child and strive to create an environment that is respectful of all cultures and backgrounds. If you’d like to learn more and apply to Start-Rite Schools please request information by clicking here

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It is a new world when toddlers take to their feet. They walk, talk and begin to develop relationships with each other. Toddlers are terrific learners and active leaders. They are beginning to understand group play and becoming better at communicating their thoughts. This is why in our Early Years, the programme is designed to:

– provide sensory experiences that emphasise the importance of their environment and relationships;
– emphasise language development to help children turn their ideas into words and sentences;
– facilitate group activities to practice social skills such as co-operation, sharing and taking turns;

The teachers and caregivers provide an unparalleled level of interaction while individually nurturing each child. The environment is designed to keep children excited and engaged. This makes for a stimulating day for toddlers. A foundation for reading success begins as early as the first few months of life. Introducing toddlers to books and languages nourishes early literacy development. Toddlers focus on first words and phrases, vocabulary development, following simple directions and identifying and naming familiar items. They continue to develop their language and communication skills through stories, singing, word games, and conversations throughout the day.

Toddlers need an environment that is safe, interesting to explore and filled with caring teachers who respond to their emotional and intellectual needs. Our program offers children a variety of fun, including stimulating activities such as matching and sorting, exploring colours, counting and categorising objects.

As toddlers learn more about themselves, they become aware of their social setting and are provided opportunities for group identity and experience which helps them gain an awareness of themselves and others.


As your child progresses from Pre-Nursery to Nursery, exploring art materials and experiencing music, dance, and drama is key. Our experienced teachers reinforce important development objectives through creative art activities, designed to build relevant skills and ignite the passion for learning. Because children are naturally curious and love to explore the world around them, we have designed our classrooms to enrich their learning experiences and are well-equipped to support safe exploration so your children have room to discover, build motor skills, and improve co-ordination.

At these levels, activities focus on experimenting with space to develop balance, hand/eye co-ordination, participation in creative movements to music and more. Your child will love our outdoor play areas that are designed for nature study, climbing and sliding.


A child’s world opens up in new ways as he or she improves co-ordination, learn complex games and begin to interact more with their peers. He/she is introduced to activities that will enhance language, math, science and social skill in a logical, natural sequence to encourage learning one step at a time.

In the Reception Class, children learn to prepare for the school where life skills are learned for a sure footing in our ever-changing world. Each day, our caring, experienced teachers are dedicated to providing a rich, nurturing environment that will prepare your child for primary years.

At this level, unique activities are designed to support your child’s development socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually all while your child is having fun. You feel confident knowing that our curriculum is designed to meet early learning standards established by a professional teaching organisation.