International Learning

International Learning at Start-Rite Schools

An international school is not just one by name or geographical location. It is one that:

  • has adopted global best practices in teaching and learning (international curriculum);
  • is associated with relevant international organisations and reputable accreditation bodies that define policies to guide recruitment of staff and safeguarding of students (e.g. British Council, Council of British International Schools – COBIS, Cambridge Assessment International Education, Educare etc.);
  • offers instruction in more than one language;
  • has a diverse community;
  • and promotes international mindedness by facilitating international learning which is “a comprehensive approach to education that intentionally prepares students to be active and engaged participants in an interconnected world.”

If the above is what defines an international school, then Start-Rite Schools is indeed an international school. Beyond equipping our students with life skills and ensuring that they develop a sense of service, we consciously seek to contribute to global efforts at achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). According to the United Nations, it is expected that by 2030, “…learners would have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity…”

British Council International School Award (ISA)

The ISA is a global accreditation scheme recognising good practice in incorporating the international dimension into schools. We first embarked on the British Council International School Award (ISA) Project in 2015/2016. In carrying out the Project, the following global themes were used as a framework:

  • Identity and Belonging
  • Sustainable Living
  • Fairness and Equality
  • Conflict and Peace
  • Rights and Responsibilities

On completing the project, we set a world record, won the ISA, got accredited by the British Council, and became one of the British Council’s ISA Ambassadors. By getting involved in the ISA, we have established connections with schools around the world. Our students are being exposed to experiences that strengthen their core skills and help them to engage their learning process in creative and innovative ways. The teachers are also getting better equipped with access to courses that help them to improve their practice.

In sustaining efforts at enhancing international-mindedness at Start-Rite Schools, we have again completed the reaccreditation round of the British Council ISA and won the Award for 2021 – 2024 with another perfect score. This is the first time a school will achieve this feat in two consecutive rounds. We are excited about this as it helps us show our students what is possible when principles are followed.

Start-Rite Schools remains committed to maintaining a conducive learning environment where our students feel safe, are inspired to become lifelong learners and are empowered with essential skills to become active global citizens.

If you are reading this and yet to join our family, feel free to come learn more about us. We are big enough to accommodate you and small enough to recognise you. Please click here to learn more about us.

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