Message from the Principal

A primary focus is that of Character and Leadership Education.

Femi AkinladePrincipal


As Principal, I feel honoured and privileged to be welcoming you to this fantastic school!  I am excited at the prospects for our students as I contemplate the faculty, facilities, academic and enrichment programs that will engage students.  Start-Rite Schools’ vision is to ensure children learn the necessary life skills for a sure footing in an ever challenging world and develop a sense of service to themselves and others.

Though STEM subjects open many doors in our ever-changing world, value and appreciation of the Arts in all their forms can enrich our lives and inspire us. Therefore, rather than teach STEM we teach STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Our over-arching objective is to develop the whole student, building moral, ethical and hardworking leaders capable of facing the challenges of the 21st Century successfully by training the head, hand, and heart.  A primary focus is that of Character and Leadership Education. This is provided to assist the students in developing good moral attributes and excellent ethical values. When students appreciate and demonstrate these pillars of character, they affect the school ethos and build a favourable climate that will enhance students learning.

To complement classroom learning, we have a variety of field trips and leadership training.  Our aim in education at Start-Rite Schools is to produce a fully rounded person, someone who not only gets excellent grades, but has them upheld by the best values and can implement them through their self-confidence and the ability to lead and inspire others, and who will go on to become an exceptional individual. I firmly believe Start-Rite is a place where students can and will achieve this grand aspiration.

Femi Akinlade


July 2024