Summer Splash

During the long holidays, children do not need to be at home with nothing to do. At Start-Rite Schools, we believe that children should be productively engaged during the long break.  The regular school year can be a busy time, with children not always having the time to truly explore everything on offer.  With our fantastic summer programme, your child has an opportunity to be exposed to a variety of new things, with the possibility of introducing them to a new interest or skill they have never experienced before.  The Start-Rite Summer Splash Programme tends towards the physical, personal and intellectual growth of the child.

Whether you are looking to ensure that your child remains occupied during the summer or want to aid in their overall growth and development; Start-Rite Summer Splash programme is a fantastic option.

If you would like to learn more about our Summer Splash Programme, please call 08106334006, 07065636067, 08182643930.