African Jamboree

On Friday, 24th May 2019, the students of Start-Rite Schools enjoyed an African Jamboree ahead of Children’s Day.

The celebration showcased the new Africa; a vibrant, creative and boisterous continent. Africans have unleashed a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship across not just the continent but also the globe and are receiving attention from the world.

African fashion designers are the trendsetters putting Nigerian and African fashion on the international map. A growing list of famous African artists, singers, drummers, and musicians are helping the world to find great music, and many big Hollywood actors with roots firmly in Africa, are shining in the world of entertainment, in addition to the world of academia and innovative discoveries.  Indeed, Africans are gaining pace.

All students wore creative African fashion and brought in African snacks and beverages like puff-puff, chin-chin, suya, zobo, kunu, plantain chips, dambu-nama, masa and so on.

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