Visit to International Republican Institute

The students of Start-Rite Schools Day Secondary visited the Young Leadership Academy of the  International Republican Institute (IRI) on a leadership excursion.

The International Republican Institute is a democracy development non-profit, non-partisan organisation whose focus is to advance democracy and freedom worldwide. The institute has been able to work in 100 countries and also has 40 offices across the globe.

The excursion was aimed at enabling the students to understand the amount of work that happens to build young leaders.  IRI’s Generation Democracy offers young leaders a platform to discuss opportunities and strategies for mobilising their peers so that they can create a shared vision to help advance youth participation in civic and political processes.   Generation Democracy launched in 2015, is a global network of young leaders across seventy countries, to help young changemakers forge national and transnational alliances to build more resilient, inclusive and transparent democracies.

The students met with IRI’s Chief of Party, Mr Sentell Barnes, a former US Senator and Governor of Alabama as well as a democracy advocate and developer for other non-profit organisations.  Mr Barnes showed the Students around the Institute and discussed in detail the values of good governance and how to be good leaders, in addition to ensuring good leadership for Young People.

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