Start-Rite Primary School held its Class Spelling Bee Competitions on Wednesday 26th June 2019. The competition took place in the classrooms and the atmosphere was ‘buzzing’! The Early Years Reception class was not left out and they did their competition on Friday 28th June 2019 after several heats in the classroom, finalists competed in the...
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The students of Start-Rite Schools  Day Secondary had an excursion to the National Children’s Park and Zoo on Thursday 20th June 2019. Located in Asokoro behind the presidential villa lies a large expanse of land that has animals, a play area for kids and a lakeside cafe in an area designated as the National Children’s Park...
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Start-Rite Schools paid a visit to the United Nations (UN) Office in Abuja, Nigeria. The students were well received by UN officials who spoke about the work of the UN in the simplest terms for the children to understand. The students learnt how the United Nations works for them (as children) through the United Nations...
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As a teacher, one of our jobs is to facilitate the involvement of parents in the classroom in their child’s education. Start-Rite tries to encourage Parents to get involved when possible.  So on Friday 21st June, the Primary  School had a change of faces in the classes with Parents trading places with Teachers for the day. ...
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Children learn about their world through play and an important part of play for young children is play with parents.  Children learn so much from play;  they pick up and practice numeracy concepts like addition and subtraction, telling time and understanding schedules.  On the 14th July 2019, the Early Years team welcomed Parents to a...
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The students of Start-Rite Schools Day Secondary visited the Young Leadership Academy of the  International Republican Institute (IRI) on a leadership excursion. The International Republican Institute is a democracy development non-profit, non-partisan organisation whose focus is to advance democracy and freedom worldwide. The institute has been able to work in 100 countries and also has 40 offices...
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The Chairman of Value Reorientation Development Initiative in Africa-VARDIAFRICA, Amb. Daniel N. Obah has visited Start-Rite Schools to lecture them on the relevance of Value Reorientation and how it can attract positive impacts in Nigeria and Africa. Amb. Obah stressed on how youngsters can be nurtured to become agents of value in schools, their society,...
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On Friday, 24th May 2019, the students of Start-Rite Schools enjoyed an African Jamboree ahead of Children’s Day. The celebration showcased the new Africa; a vibrant, creative and boisterous continent. Africans have unleashed a wave of innovation and entrepreneurship across not just the continent but also the globe and are receiving attention from the world....
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For the second year running Start-Rite Schools hosted Abuja Schools Association’s (ASA) collaborative event.  This year it was a Dance Expose with the theme Promoting Unity and Tolerance Around the World. ASA’s Chairperson Dawn Savage stated in her opening speech that there is no country in the world who does not celebrate without dance.  So...
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First Aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery.  Start-Rite Schools hosted the Nigerian Red Cross and participated in three-day training to provide First Aid Training and Services within the workplace to meet emergency...
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