Sparkling Stars

Graduating Students: Early Years pupils of Start-Rite Schools

We are so proud of our children! What they are able to do at the end of the Reception Class is amazing. Besides knowing their numbers, they are able to work with them in basic calculations. They are also able to recognise 2D and 3D shapes effortlessly among other things.

The show and tell activities, role-plays, listening exercises and more, have gone a long way to enhance their literacy skills.

These ones have started right and will continue sparkling as they make progress at Start-Rite Schools (Primary).

Looking to join us? Admission into Pre-Nursery, Nursery, and Reception classes is ongoing.

To learn more, please call 08106334006 or 08182643930.

You can also send an email to info@startriteschools.com.ng or follow the link to apply directly: www.startriteschools.com.ng/apply

Welcome to Start-Rite Schools!!!

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