English Language and Literature

The English department at Start-Rite Schools is devoted to helping students become confident, critical thinkers who communicate effectively and who will be both willing and able to make a difference in the world.

Through their study of important literary works, Start-Rite Schools students are exposed to exceptional writing and are introduced to a wide variety of cultures and ideas to broaden their perspectives and foster understanding and empathy for others. As students think, speak, and write, they develop the ability to confidently create and support rational, intellectually-informed arguments.

As they study, our students wrestle with fundamental questions about the human experience, developing the critical thinking skills needed to become active and effective leaders.

As speakers, English is a second language (ESL) in Nigeria secondary to their native language.   To assist Students to acquire fluency in English, both spoken and in the written word, we support the students with Diction classes with a native speaking ESL teacher.  The ESL teacher also serves as a cultural bridge for students, linking a student’s native culture with their cultural experiences of the English language. The ESL teacher help students recognise the similarities between the two cultures. This helps students to understand the nuances and vagaries of the English Language and become better communicators using English with native and other English speakers around the globe.