Year 6 Taster Morning 2024

Taster Morning

At Start-Rite Schools, we believe in preparing our students for the journey ahead, starting from an early age. That is why every year, we host the highly anticipated Year 6 Taster Morning. It was an immersive experience designed to give our Year 6 pupils a sneak peek into what awaited them in the Secondary Section.

The young learners were treated to an immersive experience from Leadership and Life Skills to Robotics, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Education. During the Taster Morning, they got hands-on experience, guided by our dedicated educators who ignited their passion for knowledge and discovery. It was not just about learning facts; it was about fostering creativity, critical thinking, and teamwork – essential skills they would carry with them throughout their academic journey.

For us at Start-Rite Schools, it is not just about academics; it is about nurturing well-rounded individuals who are ready to embrace challenges and seize opportunities. Through the Year 6 Taster Morning, we set the stage for their future success, instilling in them the confidence and enthusiasm to excel in all aspects of their lives.

Looking for a school for your child, please call. 08106334006, 07065636067 or send an email to admissions[at]startriteschools.com.ng. Join us as we embark on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery. At Start-Rite Schools, every moment is a step toward greatness.

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