Save The Planet by Jordan Ibrahim

Jordan Ibrahim

The earth is our home. It is the only planet with life. Though problems are threatening people to leave the earth. I strongly disagree that we should leave the earth.

Firstly, humans would die out before even reaching other planets like Mars, Proxima B or Kepler B-42. For example, if Proxima B is our nearest planet and it takes thousands of years to reach there, how long would it take to get to any other planet? We would just die out.

Secondly, the other planets are not habitable. For example, on Mars you would melt. There are dust storms on Mars. Venus is the hottest planet. There is yellow lighting on Venus. You probably cannot even walk on Jupiter. It is a giant ball of gas. The others are way too far to even come close to getting to.

Thirdly humans will be forced to become cyborgs. For another example, if a human being becomes a cyborg, that human will face problems such as eye problems (blindness included) and muscle problems. Their limbs would have fallen off before even reaching their destination.

Other people might say, there are too many problems on Earth, but if we go to space then those problems will be worsened. So what if there was no other habitable planet like Earth?

In conclusion, I hope that I have convinced you that we should not leave the earth because humans will die before reaching the other planets. The other planets are not habitable and humans would have to become cyborgs. Thank you.

PS: Jordan Ibrahim is a Year 5 Pupil at Start-Rite Schools, Abuja. The content provided is a segment of a writing project undertaken within his class. The decision to feature it on our website serves as an encouragement to our young writers, fostering a commitment to refining their writing abilities.