November 4, 2023


University Fair with KICUnivAssist
At Start-Rite Schools, we are committed to offering our students the best opportunities for their future. We understand that the path to higher education is a significant step in their academic journey. That’s why we were delighted to partner with KICUnivAssist to organize an outstanding University Fair that showcased approximately 10 esteemed institutions from the...
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Messy Play
At Start-Rite Schools, we wholeheartedly embrace a concept that goes far beyond conventional learning. We recognize that some of the most profound educational moments transpire when children are encouraged to explore, dive into the unknown, and allow their creativity to take flight. This is why we are enthusiastic advocates of the enchanting world of “Messy...
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United Nations Day at Start-Rite Schools
At Start-Rite Schools, we are committed to creating an enriching learning environment that goes beyond traditional learning, fostering a holistic understanding of the world. This commitment was on full display during our United Nations Day celebration, held in commemoration of this year’s theme: “Equality, Freedom, and Justice for All.” The event was a vibrant tapestry...
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Spoken Word at Start-Rite Schools
Spoken words have a unique power — they can ignite revolutions, mend hearts, and paint the world with a kaleidoscope of emotions. In the realm of spoken word, we find our voices and, in doing so, we can change the world, one verse at a time. At Start-Rite Schools, we are committed to providing our...
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Early Years Colour Days: A Journey into the World of Colours
At Start-Rite, we are dedicated to providing our youngest members with a vibrant and engaging learning experience. Our commitment remains to ensure that our toddlers not only grow but thrive with a solid foundation of knowledge and a keen understanding of the world around them. Exploring the World of Colours Creatively In line with our...
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November 2023