World Environment Day 2022

World Environment Day 2022

Start-Rite Schools commemorated World Environment Day 2022 at the United Nations House, Abuja, and emerged winner of the United Nations/Gree Hub Africa School Contest.

Our students, as Environmental Ambassadors, believe that we have just one planet earth and we must be intentional about ensuring environmental sustainability. Our students are learning more about this and seizing every opportunity they get to share their ideas with relevant stakeholders.

During the event, our students made the top 10 finalist of the school contents. Christabelle Nwosu, a Year 6 Student of Start-Rite Schools won the contest with her beautifully made pencil holders made from recyclable materials.

Special thanks to the United Nations Nigeria, Green Hub Africa Foundation, Serling Bank Nigeria, Fabe Nigeria Foundation and the Digi Brands Firm for putting this event together. To the Nigeria Television Authority and the Voice of Africa Hausa, thank you for engaging with our students.

“We have to be not only technologically and economically literate, but also environmentally literate.”

“Let the Earth thrive, as beautiful as it is, as the planet that gives us life, as it has done for millions of years so far. Let’s not be the generation that destroyed it… Let’s be environmentally literate!!!” @unicef

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