Secondary School Market Fair 2022

Market Fair at Start-Rite Schools (Google)

Our Secondary School Students held their Market Fair.

This year’s market fair featured student entrepreneurs like @h.and.i.collection @teemahs.craft (Instagram Handles). The students designed their posters and set up their stands.

As part of our Economics and Marketing Programme, the students:
– learnt what it takes for a business to reach its goals and drive profit;
– gained understanding of why customers think or behave in a certain way while buying something;
– gained understanding of customers’ needs, how to persuade them, and how customers’ actions (or reactions) can affect one’s business;
– learnt what they must do to ensure customers become loyal to their brand

Parents visited students’ stands, and patronised them. Most importantly, they asked them questions (and give them tips) about branding, marketing, storytelling, strategies, principles they must pay attention to and operate by. It was not just a market fair, it was a learning experience for our students.

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