Speak2Lead 1.0 Finale

The winner of the Speak2Lead 1.0 2019 edition is  Laura Bello from Year 8 followed a close second by Fatimah Abubakar in Year 7.  Divine Idam also in Year 7, came in third position while Awwal Saad in Year 8 attained the fourth position.

After three heats, the conclusion of the Speak2Lead Competition was phenomenal as all four finalists brought their ‘A’ game to the competition and ensured that the judges had a tough time picking a winner.  Each student had five minutes to speak and was allowed only to use cue cards.

Topics were selected from the pillars of character studied throughout the session and each presentation was an enlightening experience for all present as the students took on the topics from personal points of view.

The three prestigious judges for the final round included Mr. Folorunso Aliu, a Certified Management Consultant, Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants, author and a top speaker and Mentor at Ventures Park.

Mrs. Oluwatoyin Ogunkanmi a Psychologist, Certified Parenting Educator, Family Life practitioner, and author. She is also the founder of the Parenting Support System and Gleekin School Uniform Store.

The final judge was  Start-Rite Schools’ Diction Programme Co-ordinator and Educator of Oral English, Mrs. Ann Okuefuna, a British native who has lived in Nigeria for the past eight years and made it home.

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