Mathletics Programme Introduced to Secondary School

Secondary school is a whole new world and a new school demands a more study-focused approach for students. To this end, Start-Rite Day Secondary School has introduced the ‘Mathletics Programme’. The goal of the Mathletics Programme is to give the students the opportunity to be part of the ‘Mathletics Team’.  It is hoped that through the Mathletics Programme, the enthusiasm and love for mathematics will be stimulated. Students will be introduced to important mathematical concepts and major strategies for problem-solving. They will develop mathematical flexibility in solving problems, strengthen mathematical intuition and foster mathematical creativity, and ingenuity.

Most students with a high mathematical ability and interest tend to have minimal opportunities to be challenged.  Whereas, being part of the Mathletics Team, students will be challenged to use their math skills in new and creative ways by taking part in mathematical competitions; locally and globally. A little competition can inspire maths students to greater achievements. In addition, students are provided the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges through competition.

Contests open to secondary school students locally and around the world provide a challenging, engaging mathematical experience that is both competitive and educational.  Team members often develop expertise in different areas of mathematics and take advantage of this at competitions.  By taking part, students gain confidence, learn from their mistakes and know what it feels like to be challenged and pressured.

Start-Rite Day Secondary School remains committed to providing substantive academic programs that are clearly communicated and are responsive to the educational needs and concerns of our students.

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