Charity Week 2019

Start-Rite Schools has a strong ethos of contributing to the wider community and prides itself on its charity fundraising.  Over the last few years, Start-Rite Schools as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme has been working with the whole school and the wider community to support charities such as Orphanages and IDP camps.

Every year Start-Rite Schools organises a nonstop Charity Week in the first part of the Second Term. Charity Week is always a great success, with students and parents getting into the spirit of giving. In addition, one of the most successful events this year was the Market Day, which saw students of the Secondary School as well as parents and teachers all joining in and where the students donated ten percent of their proceeds towards Charity.

Charity Week takes a lot of organising and the Start-Rite Schools Team works together with students by collecting useable items donated by parents and others.

On 1st March 2019, the students and teachers split into two groups to distribute items for this year’s Charitable causes. Group One visited an Orphanage at Dutse, Apo run by the Charity Faith and Hope Orphanage Foundation to deliver items such as toilet tissue, foodstuffs, toys, and clothes.  Students spent time speaking and interacting with the children and staff from the orphanage.

Group two visited the schools at the  New Kuchingoro IDP Camp, near Games Village, Abuja.  Here, the students learned that the camps were, in the main, set up to house displaced Nigerians, most of whom were forced to flee their homes due to the insurgency from the North. It was gathered that many of the pupils there had lost their parents during attacks on their homes.

The students interacted with the pupils in their classrooms and spent time chatting where they found out that not all children in the IDP camp were victims of the insurgency.  Neither were they all from the Northern States.  Some were also in the camps due to poor economic circumstances.  The students spent time reading, playing games, setting mathematics questions and counting much to the delight of the children.  The children then distributed lunch food packs, containing Jollof Rice and meat with a soft drink and reusable water bottles to the pupils.  They also gave gifts to the students of foodstuffs, toys, and clothes.

As a school, in addition to having children learn necessary life skills for a sure footing in our ever challenging world, our vision is to ensure children develop a sense of service to themselves and others. We would like to thank all of the participants in the event and to the students, parents, and teachers for your donations and support.

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