Plot 1036 Adesoji Aderemi Street, National Assembly Quarters, Gudu District, Abuja, Nigeria.

07:00 - 19:00

Monday to Friday

School Rules

At Start-Rite Schools, every pupil is expected to follow the school rules at all times. These rules are geared towards developing a smooth, well organised and functional atmosphere where pupils can learn and develop. We believe that children need to learn to differentiate between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. If parents do not show respect for rules, our young will not do so either. It is therefore on this note that we urge parents to help ensure that our pupils adhere to these rules which are highlighted hereunder.


  • Children must be well behaved and display good manners at all times.
  • Fighting is not allowed.
  • Children are not allowed to bully other children. Bullying is not tolerated.
  • Children are not allowed to be rude, or interrupt adults talking.
  • Children must call attention by saying “Excuse me please”.
  • Children are not allowed to walk between talking adults.
  • Children must take turns during play or work activities.
  • Children are not allowed to run inside the building.
  • Children must look after classroom property.
  • Children must put their chairs under the table when standing.
  • Children must close doors behind themselves quietly.
  • Children are not allowed to loiter during class hours.
  • Children must be early to school (7.30 a.m.).
  • Children are not allowed to talk while eating.


  • All children except those in the Playgroup must be dressed to school in nicely ironed school uniforms, clean white socks and well-polished black shoes.
  • Girls should come with neat cornrows, plaits or threaded hair.
  • Girls may not wear hair extensions/attachments, nail extensions, nail polish, makeup or jewelry with the exception of appropriate earrings.
  • Girls may only adorn their hair with white and blue coloured beads/accessories.
  • Boys’ hair must be cut short and evenly. Afros, Mowhawks and Punk haircuts are not allowed.
  • Parents must ensure that the finger nails of their children are always kept short. Henna is not allowed.
  • Children are not allowed to come to school with fashion accessories, toys, money or cell phones.