Plot 1036 Adesoji Aderemi Street, National Assembly Quarters, Gudu District, Abuja, Nigeria.

07:00 - 19:00

Monday to Friday


For Start-Rite Schools, promoting reading and developing lifelong reading habits among children is imperative. To this end, the School Library is developed with extensive collections of quality and age-appropriate literature for the children which are current and include novels, picture books, information books as well as reference books to support the school’s curriculum.

The goals of the Library are to:

  • provide a range of information resources in different formats to support the school’s curriculum and children’s recreational and learning activities;
  • help children develop an interest in reading for fun, knowledge acquisition and/or research; and
  • help children develop information literacy skills such that they are able to efficiently find information, effectively use information and become life long learners.

With the evolution of information technology, Start-Rite Schools continues to make efforts towards enabling access to a wide range of resources and learning opportunities through links to quality e-books. It is expected that pupils, while at home or during the holidays, can still have access to books online and develop their reading skills and vocabulary.

Below are links to useful educational websites. Parents are advised to monitor their kids’ internet access closely and guide them accordingly.

The Library is open to pupils and staff at designated times with respect to the timetable. Apart from coming into the Library to read books, the pupils get to watch documentaries, read with partner schools via Skype or Google Hangout, and enjoy other recreational activities such as scrabble, chess, rubric, word puzzle etc.